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Zena believes that while everything in life has a determined nature, each individual has the

privilege to choose his/ her unique expression to manifest their highest potential.

She has been training and empowering individuals and corporations in Europe and USA using

Ericksonian techniques, semiotics and her special communication skills for the past 10 years.

Additionally, Zena has produced interactive movies, art projects, essays on the hidden power of

personal transformation. Zena’s ability in using the power of metaphors as a path to

enlightenment and self empowerment has captivated many international audiences.

Coming from a background in Corporate Communications working in major corporations ie:

Walt Disney, DHL, ENI, Edison, Italian Basketball League, Costa Crociere, Diamond International

etc., Zena has gained deep insights in effective communication.

Her role as personal advisor/ consultant to CEOs has further re- affirmed her beliefs that the

discovery of one’s authentic self is the path to effective communication and personal success.

Trained in classical ballet and contemporary dance, she has developed a deep understanding of

of incorporating mind, body and soul to manifest one’s highest potential to self expression and

fulfillment. As a performer, she has acted and danced for more than 20 years, developing unique

methods of self expression that she is now able to share with others. Her performances

integrating her scientific knowledge can be viewed on her website www.seezena.com/


She has been living in different parts of the world, working with international and local artists in

Hawaii, USA, Europe and Indonesia.

Her deepest aspiration is to share with the world her life-project: the development of personal

identity, integrated with a vision of evolution for the world called essereMANA.