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ZHAT is a reinterpretation of headpieces as sculptural pieces, an encounter between contemporary art and millinery.

INSPIRATION: A new way to conceive hats as a representation of a state of mind and an inspiration to get in that state of mind.  When you wear one of Zena’s hats you immediately get in a certain mood...:)

Inspired by the fascinating work of Doc. Masaru Emoto, who studied water for more than 15 years demonstrating that its structure can be transformed by positive words, Zena puts a secret label in her headpieces with inspirational words so that while you are walking around with an artistic hat you are at the same time “transforming” into a state of mind such as LOVE or GRACE or ENCHANTMENT...we shall remember that we are made of water after all!

ZHAT in its distinctive identity, is a contrast statement, an invitation to live it in a new, bold and charismatic way.

“My art represents the simple statement of BEING and be proud of our IDENTITY parting from delusional standards of plastic beauty, cliches of seduction and the poisonous competition that is not only outdated, it actually constitutes the root of our incapability to incarnate a NEW ROLE IN SOCIETY.”

TRANSFORMATION: As a identity coach and trainer, Zena believes that we can RESHAPE OUR FEELINGS by learning to change one thing: THE WAY WE THINK. 

It is that simple even when it comes down to secular stereotypes, cliches and social acceptance. 

Our feelings come from out thoughts. Therefore, we can change them by changing our thought patterns. 

Today more than ever, the urgency to CHANGE THE WAY WE FEEL ABOUT OURSELVES and our self-confidence is vital to give birth to a new realm of awareness. 

It is a constant exercise, an inner practice that can change the world. Only TOGETHER we can make it happen.

RE-CYCLE: Many of Zena’s headpieces are created with recycled materials to convey a double message: both the person and the hat can start a NEW CYCLE re-shaping the past in a NEW FASHION.